Have A Say

Mediation gives you the chance to reach an agreed solution out of court. No agreement, no settlement. Resolving your dispute by agreement permits you to avoid the uncertainty of trial. 

Reduce Expense and Stress

Mediation is a private process, and is done on your schedule. A mediation typically can take place well in advance of a trial, and is usually less expensive and less stressful. 

You can move on

On your own schedule, you can resolve your dispute and put it behind you with a private solution that all parties agree upon.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation as a solution to legal disputes has gained in popularity over the past few decades. Mediation usually requires less time, expense, and uncertainty than preparing for and going to trial. Getting to trial may take months or even years, and the process may be very expensive. Results are uncertain, no matter how well prepared you are or how convincing your case. 

Mediation gives you the chance to have a say and some control over the outcome of your case. A mediated solution requires the agreement of all the parties. It's been said that a successful mediation is one in which none of the parties leaves happy. That is because a mediated solution usually requires compromise by everyone. The up side is that you have a solution and you can move on. If you don’t reach an agreement, you retain the right to go to court and have a trial.  

In a mediation, you will be assisted by a neutral mediator who helps the parties to reach an agreement. The mediator will help you focus objectively on the issues and facts that apply to your case, and will help you brainstorm possible resolutions in a constructive process that considers all viewpoints and in which everyone is heard. He or she will not give you legal, financial, or expert advice, but will facilitate ongoing negotiation between the parties. 

The mediator is not an advocate for any side, but is there only to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. If you have counsel at the mediation, he or she will provide you legal advice and counseling throughout the process.  

Mediations are conducted on your schedule, usually in the mediator’s offices or the office of one of the parties. The format is informal. Depending on the issues and number of parties, mediations can last from a few hours to a few days.   

Another advantage of mediation is cost. Mediations typically are much less expensive than the cost of a trial. My mediation fees are $85.00 per party per hour, making Eyre Law and Mediation an affordable and very reasonable resource to help you resolve your dispute.